What is Arthritis?

We receive a lot of questions of what is arthritis and how arthritis develops.

What is arthritis?

Literally, it means joint inflammation and there can be many different types. The most common is osteoarthritis this is where the joint is degenerating, or showing signs of wear and tear. 

Our body is like a piece of machinery.  Every one of the joints in the spine should move like a well-oiled machine allowing messages to come from the brain down the spinal cord and out of the spinal nerves into the rest of the body. However we sit and stand for long periods of time.  

Many people spend hours on computers or sit at work and when they get home, tired after a long day they relax on the sofa. 

This more sedentary lifestyle means our joints get stiff and like any piece of machinery we start to rust, or wear.  This is when arthritis begins. Treating the joint with a chiropractic adjustment gets it moving providing lubrication or oil and just like a machine the body moves more easily.

All things come in phases

Wear and tear comes in 4 phases and each one is a good detremination of how long arthritis has been there. However, it does not necessarily mean that is how long it takes to get back to full potential. It is a lot easier to gain that full potential, the quicker you decide to do something about it.
The bones in your spine (vertebrae) become fixated in a bad position and starts to decrease the disc (shock absorber).
This is usually felt as a reduced range of motion. The disc in the spine loses water shrinking in height, leaving less room for the nerve.
The joint is practically fused together, reducing function. This can lead to problems with the spine and within the body, as the organs and tissues these nerves control are affected.

The vertebrae grow bone spurs, trying to fuse and stabilize the two joints. The nerve is thinning and becoming damaged.

How can Chiropractic help?

Arthritis can affect any joint; in many people this can cause extreme pain. So what causes this pain?  All of the messages in your body come from your brain through your nervous system by the extension of individual nerves. Your nervous system is protected by your spine. If your spine is out of alignment then this will impact the messages coming from your brain to that cell, tissue, or organ.
Chiropractic restores the function of the spine which in turn improves the health and function of the nervous system.  Once the spine is moving correctly and the muscles are strengthened with stretches and exercises, we find that the you are able to get more out of life.

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