A Crawling Baby Leads to a Healthy Baby

Toddlers beginning to crawl initiate a vital stage of development that leads to many positive neurological and structural benefits. Young minds and bodies do, in fact, need to learn to crawl before they can walk. Research shows that a baby with a healthy spine possesses one of the most important qualities for proper health and development that any parent could hope for. The spine houses the spinal cord and nerve roots while also storing the neurons that help provide proper nutrition to the brain through movement. Many specialists call the spine the motor for the brain.

 A normal, healthy spine contains three proper curves from a side-view while appearing straight up and down when being assessing from the front and back. A baby is not born with all three curves; they develop during the first four years of life. A baby helps develop the normal curvatures in the back and neck through crawling. Parents should CELEBRATE and ENCOURAGE crawling with their developing toddlers due to the massive health benefits rooted in an actively crawling toddler. Crawling also helps develop strong brain growth as the child’s cross-crawl pattern stimulates learning while arms and legs move in tandem across the floor.

Research published in 2007 proved that abnormal curvature in the neck led to stretching of the spinal cord, diminished blood supply in and around head and neck, and cervical disc disease. The most significant health challenges originating from abnormal spinal curvature and alignment manifest through their impact on organ health. Endless clinical research determined that poor spinal health affects virtually every aspect of human performance from immunity to brain function because of the spine’s direct relationship with the nervous system.

Crawling registers as a human’s first conscious choice to begin seeking freedom of movement. The body responds by triggering development of the healthy spine and nervous system that will regulate the baby’s hormones and health for a lifetime. Having infants, toddlers, children and adults evaluated by a Chiropractor for proper spinal health and hygiene becomes as naturally important as diet and exercise. Vertebral subluxations are small misalignments of a vertebra that create interference between the brain and body’s communication network. The danger of subluxations will always be a lack of symptoms during their initial stages, especially in children. Misaligned spines lay silent roots for long term health concerns in young bodies. Chiropractors check for subluxations by evaluating the health and structure of the spine and nervous system. Millions of babies, children, and adults achieve better spinal alignment and curvature through regular Chiropractic adjustments that empower nervous system health and hygiene. A crawling toddler takes a natural step in the progression of spinal health. Parents should share in the excitement by ensuring that their children grow up utilizing the IMMEASURABLE power of the body stored in the nervous system and freed from interference through the hands of professionally trained Chiropractors.


Information from Chiropractic Advocate and Dan Sullivan