When to use ice and heat

We often get these questions in the office, “Should I use: ice, heat, both, neither” or “when do I use ice and heat”. All are very good questions and it can be confusing at times.

Let’s first discuss what each of them do.

Ice calms down the damaged tissue and slows down the blood flow to an injury. This will reduce swelling, inflammation, and controls the nerve irritation.

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What is Arthritis?

We receive a lot of questions of what is arthritis and how arthritis develops.

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Why do you have arthritis in your Spine?

Have you ever wondered why or how arthritis starts in your spine? Watch this video to find out!


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What is your pain telling you... or not telling you?

Every pain originates somewhere. No symptoms occur in the body without a cause. Pain serves as an indicator of a problem but only as a response and a symptom of an unresolved issue. Pain usually manifests as the last symptom to show up after an underlying cause exists for a long period. Pain also deteriorates long before the cause of an underlying issue completely resolves. The relationship between pain and disease paint a clear picture of why pain should not be used as a primary indicator of stress within the body.

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What Happens When Your Spine Doesn't Move??

Have you ever wondered what causes arthritis and degeneration of the spine and how you can prevent it? Check out this article to find out.

Cervical Arthritis

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Baby Adjustments, Wanna Watch One?

Have you ever wondered what a baby's adjustment looks like or how much pressure is used? Below is a video showing just that! It is Dr. House adjusting his 1 week old baby named Ryan.

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Emotional Stress... Do you have it?

Do you have emotional stress? Do you keep feeling the effects of it? Tight shoulders, recurrent headaches, fatigue, and loss of sleep are just a few of the physical effects many people with chronic stress feel. Are you ready to get rid of the physical results of the emotional stress? Watch this video to find out how!


Emotional Stress Video


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Does Your Child Wet the Bed? Are you Sick of it Yet?

Are you sick of changing your child's sheets at 3am? Or is your child scared about going to a friend's house for a sleepover because they are afraid they will wet the bed? Chiropractic has been proven to help children with bed wetting and read this article to find out how. 

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Get Rid of Headaches Forever!

Are you part of the 80-90% of the population that suffer from headaches? Then this webinar is for you! Find out how to stop the CAUSE of those headaches forever!


Click here for the webinar!


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Do you know what a 5 MPH crash does to your body?

Ever been in a crash going as little as 5mph? Did you feel ok right after the accident, but then sore the next day? This article explains EXACTLY what happens to your body during and after the crash.

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